Steps to prepare an essay

How to write an essay?

  1. As a first step, it is essential that you define the topic that your text will have. Generally this is suggested or required by the teacher of the course that is requesting you to write the essay, verify it in the slogan you receive.
  2. It is necessary that you investigate on the subject, in such a way that you can assume a position on the matter, which in turn, allows you to raise the thesis that you will defend throughout your text.
  3. After defining the topic and presenting the thesis, write a writing plan that allows you to anticipate which organization will have your essay, which and how many will be the arguments that will support your position, what will be the order of presentation of these arguments, which are the possible counter-arguments that may appear. The above is essential considering the purpose of the tests, which is to convince. At this point it is also important that you think to whom your writing will be addressed. Remember that the writing plan can be done through diagrams or graphic organizers that allow you to have concrete ideas about your text.
  4. Write the first version of your essay based on the writing plan, the structure of this type of text, the slogan given by your teacher and the established evaluation criteria.
  5. Read your text out loud in order to review it and do the final edition of it. For this point, remember that you can consult one of the tutors of our site.

Recommendations for a trial

Remember! A thesis is characterized by positing affirmatively the point of view of who writes the essay.
Consult reliable sources of information, for example books or articles published in recognized journals in your field of knowledge.
To demonstrate the research you did before writing your essay, it is necessary that at the end of this, you prepare a list of bibliographical references.


The essay is a written text requested very frequently in the university academic context. It allows you to demonstrate what you have understood and learned about a particular topic. It is characterized by presenting the point of view of the author in front of a topic and defending it with arguments. In this way, its purpose is to convince the interlocutor of the position that the author assumes. For this reason, it is very important that you have clear characteristics to perform it. Given the above, in this guide we present some characteristic elements of this text that, as a university student, you should know.

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